Vintage Haute Couture 101

You’ve read about it on HVC a number of times and there’s really no way to become an Ecofashionista without involving Vintage clothing in some way or another. Readers have sent in a number of questions in the 4 months we’ve been online about how to find, incorporate, and celebrate giving clothes a second time around. What’s great is anyone can shop vintage and personalize it to translate your passion for fashion. This post outlines what others are doing and some great ways to find Vintage Haute Couture in your neck of the woods. As always, we love to hear from you, so let us know what your best tips are to incorporating vintage in your daily wardrobe!

Image via The Thrifters

Vintage is everywhere, from the corner thrift shop to the inspiration of your favorite designers. To begin our quest, let’s learn from some of the sites that bring you amazing vintage finds. Daniel Troppy is amazing! He finds great selections and showcases them at his site, The Thrifters. Here you can read about how he searches for his conquests and even contact him for sizing information. We love his witty commentary and you can’t beat his imagination!

Next we move on to social shopping!! Nothing has been more fun to research than the swap! This is such a great way to meet other Ecofashionistas who can breathe life into your style! Internationally swamping is big, but here are a few good resources that can help you to find what you’re looking for.

For German readers Swap in the City is an excellent resource, it looks as though they’re branching out to other European cities soon as well!

Suzie Swapper has been a frequent reader of HVC, and she started on Facebook and is well on her way to launching an international site where you can learn all about the joys of swapping!

If you’re still looking for fun ways to discover vintage fashion,The Vintage Fashion Guild is an excellent resource for those of you who are interested in learning more about where to find vintage fashions in your neck of the woods.

Fun with Vintage Fashion via Vixen Vintage blog

If you’d like some inspiration on how amazing vintage can look, Sally Jane Vintage has some great lookbook-ish shots and LA Vintage’s blog is a terrific source for inspiration on current trends. We also really liked peeking at Easy Fashion in Paris to get inspiration from street culture, similar to Bill Cunningham our patron saint for style!

As some readers may know the most exhilarating way to celebrate Vintage fashion is by going out there and finding it yourself. Nothing beats discovering a crisp YSL suit in your size at a thrift store in the middle of no where  or an original Carolina Herrera gown at an Estate Sale.  So, HVC-ers go out there and score some vintage finds, and send us photos so we can feature you in your best vintage outfit on our site! XOXO HVC


11 thoughts on “Vintage Haute Couture 101

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  2. I often feature vintage haute couture items among my VPODs (Vintage Picks-of-the-Day) on the Zuburbia Green Vintage Clothing Blog as well as tips, info and advice for vintage fashionistas.

    • Thanks for checking us out Mary! We’re happy to hear all about your VPOD’s and are sure our readers will be thrilled to discover another find. Send a photo if you’d like, it would be great to see y’all in Vintage Haute Couture! XOXO HVC

  3. Great piece, Sasha! I think we are well on the way to cannonizing Bill Cunningham.

    With eco fashion in mind, as well as the current economic conditions, I’ve begun to “shop my closet” for my own vintage. The latest trend to feed this tendency is Gypset. I like to pair boho pieces with somewhat sleeker selections that have not been previously introduced. The style suits my post-hippy mentality and SoCal surroundings pretty well.
    Keep digging deeper in eco-style. More stuff is not the answer!

    • Hi Lori! Thanks so much for your comment. I love how you’re sourcing your own closet, almost like a mini-me on me swap session, that’s a great alternative to buying new clothes, even if they are vintage. Another resource can be selling your clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Post where you earn credits to buy “new” clothes based on what others have just exchanged. It’s yet another form of swapping that has caught our eye. But agreed!! More stuff is NOT the answer, we don’t want to simply green-wash our closets, the goal is to shop smart, when we shop! Thanks for joining in on the conversation!! XOXO HVC

  4. LOVE YOUR SITE & ARTICLE! We’re a tiny vintage-recycle-repurpose shop DOING OUR PART by presenting eclectic eco-fashions in the SIERRA Nevada Mountains of California, Southern gate to Yosemite! Vintage Chic! “Flea Market” Boutique. Keep the great info-articles and networking opportunities coming!

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