Haute Verte Consulting, LLC uses the triple bottom line people, planet and profit, to enhance traditional products, services and systems on a global scale.

We create internal and consumer facing programs, case studies, analyze existing models and develop trainings that provide the business case for social and environmental responsibility. Our team specializes in uncovering hidden connections and fostering partnerships with Fortune 500 brands, social entrepreneurs, Federal agencies and NGO’s.

As a member of the international corporate social responsibility community we work with clients to identify, interpret and orchestrate programs that maintain a core brand presence while developing transparency  and market reach.


Outdoor Apparel and Fashion

Our team is fluent in French, Spanish and English


“Sasha (HVC founder) is one of the most intelligent, dedicated and hard-working professionals I have ever known in the management field . She has a keen sense of understanding for things and pursues them with enthusiasm and vigor. She also is extremely positive, friendly and warm individual. I fully recommend her for any company looking to hiring quality professionals that are committed and long-lasting.” Rama C.

“Sasha is an impressive and versatile marketing professional.  What was most impressive was the creativity and strategic marketing knowledge that she brought to every project.”-Sherman A.

“Sasha is a skilled professional with a great combination of technical and people skills. She is able to make tight deadlines and quick turns, all with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is a pleasure to work with.”- Jeanne B.

“Sasha was able to organize projects, and set realistic expectations from a team of contract employees in various locations via phone and email. I have seen this become a logistical nightmare, but with Sasha it seemed as though it was effortless. Her ability to work with multiple people in all processes of a project, leave me eager for the opportunity to work with her again.” – Sarah M.

“Sasha is an energetic hard worker, easy to get along with, responsive, helpful and detail oriented” – Thatcher H.


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