Sustainability in Sneaker Culture

Sneaker Envy

Look down at what’s on your feet right now. Chances are if you’re wearing shoes they’re either comfortable, or hawt!  If you’re like us and have just begun to come down from the recent global eye-candy fest otherwise known as fashion week this one’s for you. On the runway we saw how shoes can compliment, tie together and in some cases outshine an outfit. That said, not much has been written in the world of sustainable fashion about sneaker culture. However,  HVC believes that sneaker collectors have great potential to lead consumer-driven demand for ethical and environmentally responsible footwear production. Continue reading


Innovations in Sustainable Textiles: A Review of the 12th Biennial TSA Symposim Keynote

Weavers at Work via

Ever wonder where you can find hundreds of people, from around the world discussing the history, artistry and innovations in textiles? The Textile Society of America’s bi-annual conference is the place for textile arts enthusiasts. We were thrilled to discover all the incredible people, crafts and ideas exchanged at their 2010 meeting, held in Lincoln, Nebraska. The next symposium is scheduled for September 19-22 in Washington, D.C.,  an interesting time and place to discuss “the ways politics influence the aesthetics, production, materials, uses, and myriad other aspects of textiles.” Read an excerpt from HVC’s founder’s review of the keynote address, which highlights the work of Sheila Kennedy and her work with the  innovations in sustainable textile design. Continue reading

Wangari Muta Maathai: Positivity Embodied

Wangari Muta Maathai Photo Credit: Martin Rowe

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Haute Verte Couture has chosen to honor the life and work of a civil rights activist who fought to protect the natural and cultural values and rights in Kenya. Professor Wangari Muta Maathai (1940-2011) was a champion of civil, environmental and women’s rights who dedicated her life to raise awareness on these causes globally. Some of her more famous accomplishments include leading the Green Belt Movement, serving in Kenya’s Parliament, and winning the Nobel Peace Prize. However, it is Prof. Maathai’s fortitude that enabled her to lead revolutionary women-driven communities to reclaim their traditions and that inspired a global movement of grass-roots environmentalists. Continue reading

Melancholia and Sustainabilty

In Lars von Trier‘s film Melancholia (2011) two planets literally collide. The two-act foreplay that preludes this event demands the viewer to meditate on the ultimate question of our human condition. They are forced to examine the question of what happens before the end of the world as we know it? And leave the theater pondering what is left after the earth is destroyed.

While Melancholia does not explicitly focus on sustainable fashion, it uses dress to categorize emotions of the characters and evoke issues of environmental sustainability within their relationship to nature. One of the questions Melancholia explores is how depression can inspire a sense of calmness. This quandary is set against an exquisite backdrop (Louise Drake) with painstaking attention to detail ( Simone Grau) and costume direction that interacts with the natural in almost every shot (Manon Rasmussen.) Melancholia offers fresh look at the role of humans in nature that all of us in the field of sustainability wrestle with at some point.

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Small Business Saturday and the Sustainable Consumer

General Store 1936, via

Where were you yesterday morning at 4am? Were you camped out and freezing in front of the doors of a big box retailer with 2,000 of your closest friends? Did you leave your Thanksgiving celebration early to make sure that you got the door-busting deals on America’s busiest shopping day of the year? Or were you sleeping soundly because you knew that you’d be visiting local businesses for Small Business Saturday?

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The Economic Crisis and Sustainable Fashion

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Remember when it used to be a social no-no to say that you were out of work? In 2011, the trend towards joblessness is so high that it’s a rarity to meet someone who  hasn’t been affected by this  global financial crisis. HVC asks its readers, how has the inability to count on a stable income affected your closet? Continue reading

HVC Asks, What Inspires You?

Well it’s been a little while since we last posted up on this site. Lots has happened, and we’re excited to share more updates on what has inspired us to keep  hot on the trail of sustainable textiles. But, because we love our fans, we’d like to hear what keeps you designing, modeling, buying and ogling over eco fashion?

With the bulk of this season’s fashion weeks ended, this is a great time to reflect on what keeps that spark alive in your closet, sketch-book or when you walk down the street.

Let us know what inspires you, because you all certainly inspire us!

Here’s HVC’s list of 5 things that inspire us right now add yours to the comments below, or visit our FB page to post your own list! XOXO HVC

What inspires us today:

  1. Looking at things from a different vantage point
  2. Long walks in nature
  3. Autumn sunsets and the smell of freshly picked apples
  4. Textiles new and old
  5. Meeting each new day with WONDER!!!