Tracing the History of Sustainable Fashion

Haute Verte Couture began as an effort to understand the origins of what is often called Eco, Ethical, or Organic fashion. Through this research, we have developed groundbreaking insights on the historical evolution of small-scale clothing production which became the phenomenon of Ecofashion in the United States.

Next we turned our gaze to France, the birth-place of Haute Couture, to trace the cultural and artistic practices that have long-since built a history of sustainability.

This work helps to frame our unique point of view on contemporary efforts to produce socially and environmentally responsible programs for the art, textile and clothing industries without limiting their core brand messaging or time-tested style ethic.

Our founder, Sasha Rabin Wallinger continues to publish, educate and facilitate trainings on this unique perspective, Tracing the History of Sustainable Fashion Globally.


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