EcoFashionista and Proud

Do you get slack from your friends about your passion for green fashion? Are you burned out from the momentary let downs of looking for the perfect EcoFashion garment or accessory and not finding what you need? Have you lost your drive to seek out, defend and WEAR EcoFashion? Then this list is for you, the proud, the growing, the future of Haute Verte Couture. Below you’ll find 10 Reasons Why It’s Delightful to Be an EcoFashionista. This list is meant for everyone, from the devoted EcoDiva to the professional with no time to think about clothing. As always, we want to hear from you, so please feel free to add your 10 Favorite reasons that spark your passion for green fashion! 10 Reasons Why It’s Delightful to Be an EcoFashionista

1. You Get a Whole New Shopping Experience: Most of us don’t come out of the womb EcoFashionistas, and while we hope that there will be a day when from the mouth of babes will come, “I’d like that in organic/biodegradable please,” at this point we are a community of the converted. So while tossing last season’s Chanel suit into the Goodwill bin may be a stretch for some there’s a benefit to making your wardrobe more Ecofabulous! Think of all the shopping you get to do.

2. Your Closet Has Just Become More Sustainable:There are closets and then there are CLOSETS. You don’t need to have a walk-in like Carrie’s Sex in the City masterpiece, but whatever the size or status, by changing the way that you shop, you’re also effecting the very nature of your home. This is not limited to just the garments and accessories, but can also encompass your storage options. See, becoming more Ecofantastic can mean a spring cleaning of mass proportions, and this dear EcoFashionistas is good for all!

3. Your Friends Will Beg For Fashion Tips: Ecofashion is new, it’s different, and it’s on trend. So you’ll be just about the hottest thing your friend group has seen and they will want to know how to get your style. This is supremely cool because you’ll now be put in the place of having people ask you about where you got what you’re wearing, and how you look so amazing, which leads us to reason # 4.

4. You are a Pioneer: Seriously, you are! Think of what this means, you’re trying something new, you’re setting the standard for cool in your group of friends and you’re in the spot that you want to be. So yes, maybe EcoFashion won’t help you to snag the person of your dreams (although you NEVER know) but it will help you to share your beliefs about the world with others, whose minds you may just open. Now that’s a pretty sweet exchange for shopping more sustainably.

5. You Will Help EcoFashion Designers Live Their Dreams: We’ll say it again, it’s delightful to be an Ecofashionista! Just think of the numbers of young, talented designers that muscle for a spot at the finest institutes of fashion, or even squeeze their ways into a slot at the Haute Couture designers atelier. These people are sharp and they all deserve a chance. EcoFashion is notorious for assisting young designers to live out their dreams. And it’s a new field so you’re likely to become the collector of something that has real history and carries the spirit of life with it. Not a bad bit of karma to strut around with.

6. It Will Save You Money: Uh huh, we kid you not! Ecofashion is certainly a thrifty way to shine. Since much of the Ecofashion world is laden with reuse and local resources it’s generally much less expensive than you think to wear sustainable materials. Which brings us to our next point.

7. You Clothes Will Last, and Last, and Last: If you’ve been around any type of fast fashion in the last few years then you know the fragility with which we discuss the topic of preserving your clothes and accessories. In short, they don’t last. Even Haute Couture, with its strict attention to detail has seen a decline in the materials available in the last 10 years, and basically it’s just not made how it used to be. EcoFashion is a new area of specialization and therefore there is extra attention paid to the durability of the garments. There is also the concept of recycling materials which extends the ultimate life of any garment you’re buying today.

8. You Are Helping to Save the Environment: And you’re shopping,  do we need to say any more?

9. You’re a More Informed Consumer: Being an EcoFashion Diva is hard work. It means getting the dish on what designers do what, how they’re producing their products and what the life cycle of your beloved new pair of stilettos is. All this work pays off, because if you’re reading this post you’re curious about fashion and it’s just the beginning. Once you know more about what you’re wearing there is no stopping your mind, body, and heart from collecting more information on the realities of what you’re putting on your body. Which when it comes down to it is SUPER important.

10. You’ll Finally Loose Those Last 10lbs: With all that running around you’ll be doing to hunt down great EcoFashion and the countless hours you’ll be spending re-organizing your closet, donating your old  clothes it’s entirely possible. Plus, it’s like finally counting calories after many years, you’re changing your life, so we predict that you’ll see some amazing results. It may not  be those last 10 or 5 lbs,  but it’s entirely possible!!! We do promise that you’ll feel like a million bucks anyhow and sometimes that’s worth more than what the scale says.

Thanks for checking out this list, we hope that you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to hear you tack on your top 10 Reasons why you love being an EcoFashionista. For more information on Ecofashion check out this post to learn about the history, trends and consumption practices of EcoFashion. XOXO HVC


9 thoughts on “EcoFashionista and Proud

  1. All great ideas – I plan to get there, slowly but surely..and in the meantime, I do love discovering local eco-friendly talent…everytime I swap something out, it reminds me to try to be more responsible about what I replace it with. That said, I do find swapping out my clothes is, in a less direct way, also contributing to the overall goal too!

  2. Excellent post! It just feels so darn good to shop with a conscience.

    Loving your site! Keep bringing us more great eco-fashion tips and tricks! I’m totally following you now, and tweeting this post. Peace. 😉

  3. Hey guys. My name is Liz and I am a social anthropology student currently writing my final year disseration on clothes swapping in the U.K. and Ireland. It would be great if I could get some people’s experiences of clothes swapping and what are your own motivations behind swapping clothes? My email address is I would really appreciate any comments! Thank you

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