Weddings and Eco Fashion

Image via Marriages in Asia

Bride wears a 3rd generation wedding gown in 1968 wedding, image via Flickr

It happens to the best of us, Wedding Season.That time of the year when your best friend is the dry cleaner and the seamstress that can do no wrong, the month that you’re a guest at the salon more than in your own bathroom, yes even Eco Fashionistas want to look lovely at weddings!

Weddings are every Eco Fashionista’s favorite place to be. They’re basically big parties where everyone wants to look great, and spend the time celebrating love! So why should there be any need to compromise your regular do’s and don’ts at an event that is centered on beginnings and setting the standard for a way of life?

We here at HVC don’t think there’s a need! While generally speaking, most Eco Fashion guides for weddings are catered to the bride and wedding parties. There are some fantastic resources that you can turn to for inspiration, Eco Wedding offers a resource for those wanting to create a wedding that has ecological reverence, Dream Green Weddings provide an excellent resource for creative Eco Friendly favors and Brides Against Breast Cancer is a terrific organization and a wonderful way to find gently used Haute Couture gowns that are waiting to take one more walk down the aisle.

However, we’ve come up with some tried and true tips that can get any Eco Fashionista down the aisle (even if it’s simply to their seat in the crowd) in style and with a nod towards sustainability. But at HVC we like to hear from you, so tell us what your best EcoFashionista wedding tips are,  as a bride and as an honored guest.

Tips to being a EcoFashionista at the Wedding

1. Go local: Yes it is incredibly appealing to want to travel half way across the world to see you best friend from college married off in St. Lucia, but know your limits. If you must you must, but maybe that means part of your wedding present is carbon offsets or stay in an Eco Tourist section of town.

2. Vintage: Yup, you’ll hear about it a lot in the world of Eco Fashion, but that’s because it’s one of the most satisfying and fashion-savvy ways to wear Chanel, Christian Dior, or even our dear friend Stella McCartney with a clear conscious.

3.Clothing Swap Bridal Shower: It’s super sexy to think of the bride inviting all of her friends not only to shower her with gifts, but also each other. A nice idea is to organize a clothing swap where guests can bring dresses and accessories they have grown tired of to trade with each other and make the shower about giving as well as receiving.

4. Eco Gift Giving: One way to spread your views is to give gifts that inspire the happy new couple to live a more Sustainable lifestyle. This doesn’t have to mean that every party you hit up gets a Prius or a piece of paper that says you’ve donated to a great cause. Look to the couple’s registry to be inspired how you can give a gift that’s a nod towards a more Ecofabulous version of them!

5. Lead by Example: When you’re at the wedding, you’re not on a stump, this the couple’s day. But if someone happens to tell you that you look divine, let them know that you’re an EcoFashionista, and that’s the extra sparkle in your step!


7 thoughts on “Weddings and Eco Fashion

  1. Here’s a thought: instead of some brides insisting the wedding be “all about them,” embrace the idea that the wedding is for everyone involved.

    When we shift our attitudes away from focusing just on ourselves, it opens our mind to bigger issues – like the planet, social responsibility/justice, being a good citizen, etc.

    Y’know, the important stuff.

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