New iPhone and Eco Fashion

Suggested new iPhone 4 (Via

Today is a historic day for all of us out there who have a little bit of an unhealthy addition to everything Apple. Steve Jobs addressed the Worldwide Developers Conference just moments ago, and introduced the new iPhone 4. With the advancements in this version of Apple’s revolutionary smart phone the technology world is buzzing. But the question we here at HVC are asking is what effect does the new iPhone have on Eco Fashion? First, we cannot contain our joy and excitement at this new piece of artwork itself. The iPhone 4 is truly a piece of beauty. Second a little research tells that Apple has been consistently innovating their sustainability commitments and have a trend towards “greening” the technological arena, which is encouraging of such a leader in their field. However, more important to HVC readers, how does all of this apply to Eco Fashion? Take a peek at our list below, and feel free to comment and let us know what your thoughts are. We’ll see you on the front facing camera some time soon!

  1. The iPhone is a mini computer in your purse, therefore you’re saving some of the energy you would use to operate a bigger machine, by computing smaller
  2. Better camera= better access to sharing vintage finds
  3. With the new iMovie feature, imagine the possibilities of sharing your Eco Fashion runway with the world, in the click of a button
  4. You can’t beat having access to 100’s of Fashion magazines, journals and blogs in the palm of your hand, not to mention the waste this curtails
  5. The updates to the display enable Eco Fashion designers to share high quality concepts and materials within the palm of their hands
  6. Not to mention the possibilities with iBooks on the iPhone, all of those 20 ton Fashion bibles are now as light as a feather, and with all that sync-ing you’ll never need to purchase another sticky note!
  7. Finally, with picture in picture video call you’ll always know when someone you’re talking to is an Eco Fashion Diva!

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