Sustainable Sex…. And The City

Yup, you knew we had to do it. Come on, what kind of fashion site would we be if didn’t mark one of the industry’s favorite shows turned films, the staple of late 1990’s early 2000’s fashion diet? As we’re sure many of you know, next week marks the opening of Sex and the City 2 (the film) . The follow up to last year’s SATC 1 movie showcases the trials and tribulations of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. SATC 2 is positioned to gross more than SATC 1, which made a reported $26.93 million in the US and Canada on its first day, so we’re pretty sure that studio execs are looking forward to your high-heeled adventure over to your local cinema this coming Thursday night. But what we at HVC want to know is, since 2010 has been a significant year for sustainability in fashion, what measures are the art direction team taking to mark this movement in one of the more influential billboards of American style?

Taking a look at SATC 2’s website, it’s apparent that green is not as much of a hot button as some Eco Fashionistas may have wanted. There is no mention of sustainability on the site, nothing that calls fans to fill your supply of cosmos in your own re-usable water bottle when attending the coast to coast viewing outings many SATC fans have planned. There is also nothing to be found on any of the social media pages, Facebook , Twitter, etc. So at the time of this post, there is nothing that could be found about the sustainable measures that the SATC crew has made to ensure a greener set/film for their four favorite girls to traipse on.  That said, there does appear to be some hope, as always in the form of clothing.

In her NYT article Stephanie Rosenbloom which examines SATC 2 she notes that the style goddess responsible for the television and film parade of fashion, the one and only Patricia Field the go-to-gal for SACT fashion explains, “Ever since the beginning of the television series in 1998, the characters in “Sex and the City” have been adorned with a mishmash of contemporary and vintage fashions selected by Ms. Field.” Hooray for vintage!! It’s fast becoming a trend (which is something else to explore entirely) however, it’s the closest this reporter can come to finding a decent link between something sustainable and SATC. But will this be enough to translate the already sold out audiences at opening night?

There are a couple more questions to leave you with, dear reader, as we examine the potential for this highly influential moment in fashion to be marked on a sustainability scale. Firstly, the series was (up until the very end) all about New York City. The charm in that for many, this writer included, was seeing the concept of bioregionalism being brought to the style stage, and adopted. SATC for TV was always about New York, this was something that made viewers feel connected to their own fashion circles, even if vicariously through the 4 icons of style. It was even called Sex AND the City, and as Sarah Jessica Parker even remarked,  New York City itself was also a main character.

The plot of SACT 2 is revealed on the movie’s website to involve “a glamorous, sun-drenched adventure, that whisks the women away from New York, to one of the most  luxurious, exotic and vivid places on earth.” This statement is loaded for Eco and non Eco Fashionistas alike. It begs the question, are luxury and exotics dead in Manhattan? While this writer has not yet seen the film, the previews seem to indicate that this trip takes the girls to a Dubai-ish location, wherein all the riches of style await. Interesting concept, especially since many haute couture designers have been turning their gazes towards the UAE for some time now.

The girls keeping it "real" in the desert

Finally, it is important to note that if you are an Eco Fashion Diva you can still enjoy many Eco Friendly ways to attend the SATC 2. Some nice ones are:

  1. Bike or walk to see the film with friends
  2. Plan an Eco Fashion night out at the movies, dressing up in your Eco Fashion finest
  3. Educate one friend who you’re attending a showing of SATC 2 with about the benefits of Eco Fashion
  4. Bring your own homemade goodies to the premiere (that’s what massive purses are for ladies!!)
  5. Remember to shut all (and we do mean ALL) electric gadgets off prior to heading out for the night, an Eco Friendly home is a low energy diet home
  6. Finally, one of the sexiest ways to be Eco Friendly is to enjoy, so go have fun, and let us know how your SATC2 trip was!

37 thoughts on “Sustainable Sex…. And The City

  1. Oh dear! I have already bought a dress that I plan to wear to SATC2. It’s from Joules – now I’ll go look up their ethics policy.
    I’m planning to see SATC2 at a cinema that is 2 bus rides away – so will probably drive.
    Tell you what: I’ll wear shoes that I already own, a cardi I already own and a bag that I already own. I cannot afford ‘throw away’ fashion so I DO buy clothes and things that will last.
    I never buy food at the cinema as I think the prices are day light robbery.
    If I took food and ate it at the cinema I might not fit into the dress much longer – which could make it throw away fashion.
    The friend who will go with me does buy most of her clothes on eBay, which I guess is sustainable.
    We promise to shut off everything electrical at our homes.

  2. I think the most controversial aspect of the film -as it pertains to the environment and, indeed, the tradition of the show – is the decision to film in Morocco.

    It may have been better to limit the air miles and continue to loyally honour the all-important fifth character… New York.

    Wonderful post, x

  3. My GF will all go with bring your own homemade goodies to the premiere. We even sneaked in the Cosmopolitan Martini last SATC. We had sooo much fun. Organic Vodka of course.

  4. Great post, especially since I just watched the first SATC last night (finally). A couple of comments: one thing that is definitely not green about the SATC girls is the amount of flying they do (and I’m one to talk!), but in movie 1 Samantha was constantly flying from LA to NYC. Glad she finally moved home! My other comment (and this has to do with SATC 2) is regarding the word “exotic.” I dislike the term because it connotes a consumption by westerners of non-western people, ideas, and cultures. It is associated with colonialism and early scientific modes (that continue) of documenting non-European people and places. Is this next SATC going to be a fest of “exoticizing”? We shall see…
    Thanks again for a thought-provoking post!! xox

    • Thanks Beth Rose, great observations and I’m looking forward to your reaction following SACT2. You have a lot of great ideas, can I see them online somewhere?

  5. “It begs the question, are luxury and exotics dead in Manhattan?”

    You mean “it asks the question…” Begging the question is a logical fallacy.

    Yes, I do work for the logic police. No, I do not have any fashion sense. 🙂

  6. SATC has always been about consumption, it would be highly hypocritical for them to begin espousing Eco/Green values now. Especially now, when the movies are just 2 hour long commercials.

    • Thanks for your comment Melanirae! This blog was developed to discuss Eco Fashion, with a nod being given to Material Culture, so it’s highly relevant to bring in the concept of consumption. I’m not sure if I’m with you on the hypocritical front, however, since the basis of hope and change comes from believing that while huge amounts of consumption have previously been dominated by a very non Eco Friendly cycle; there are innovations in production methods, and such amazing work as development economics that are all working towards more sustainable consumption practices.
      Finally, what type of commercial do you think SATC 2 will be for? The airlines, the fashion houses…?
      I look forward to hearing more on your thoughts!

  7. I enjoyed reading your article!thank you! however,targeting SATC2 can not change the world situation, the horrors happening now in China or other developing countiries are the ones that really need our attention. Have you seen how much of a dangerous waste chinese keep on there territiory? Eco fashion will make only tiny change in this world of pollution. However, small step is a progress, so thank you for highlighting important issues!

  8. i dont wanna be a bad boy here, but this is definetely a girly movie, i wont watch it…my wife and dughter like though

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