Harold Tillman, the Hero of Eco Fashion

Carlos Bouman's eco dress via http://smh.com.au

Cyndi Lauper had it right when she said that money changes everything. In the midst of our recent economic down-turn it’s been made very apparent that it does. That realization has most certainly trickled over into the way we Eco-Fashionistas shop, dress, and act.

Most Eco-Fashion, with the exception of shops like H&M is expensive and can become inaccessible, even to those of us who want to make a difference. But is putting your morals before your economic ability to afford them really being the most sustainable person you can be?

In a recent Elle UK magazine article Harold Tillman, chairman of the British Fashion Council, discusses the potential for sustainable fashion to operate with the same economic advantages as hybrid vehicles and reducing electronic usage. By placing Eco-Fashion within the realm of some of the 10 easy things you can do to lead a more sustainable life, and keep to a budget at the same time, Tillman has just become the poster child for every Eco-Fashionista who want to shop savvy!

The catwalk at the recent Avatar inspired Jean-Paul Gaultier show via http://www.ecorazzi.com/

In his own words, Tillman suggests in the Elle article that  “If UK citizens can get tax breaks on more energy-efficient cars and other sustainable products, why can’t they wear their values with pride and get tax breaks on ethical fashion?” This from an influential entrepreneur and investor (read, he knows what he’s talking about). Can you dear reader imagine what it would be like to begin to itemize your Eco-Fashion purchases in order to be able to deduct them at tax time? What would the reality shift feel like to you if you saw the green/organic/sustainable section at your favorite designer’s shop to mean not only an amazing find, but also a purchase with an economic benefit?

Sigh…I can only imagine how delightful it would be to see Eco-Fashion designers encouraged to create in a forum where they were supported, similar to the amazing technological advancements that are being made within the realm of sustainability each day. And what a delightful parade of fashion it would be to see men, women, and children decked out in their Haute Verte Couture as the epitome of a well dressed, holistically Eco-Chic community of Fashionistas.


4 thoughts on “Harold Tillman, the Hero of Eco Fashion

  1. It’s so true. People become so focused on emissions being the only way to lower effect on the environment, that they forget it is EVERYTHING we consume that takes a toll. Encouraging this statement throughout the fashion world would be fantastic and make an impressive difference. You go girl, i love your blog!!!

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