The Greening of Bollywood

This begins our first article on the role of entertainment within the world of Haute Verte Couture. There’s no better way to kick off the festivities than with a trip to Bollywood. The very mention of the Hindi film industry conjures up one of the most dramatic visions of stuff, in all shapes and colors. Excess is a way of life in this genre of Bollywood films, but just like America’s Hollywood, it appears as though there has been a resent awareness brought to the importance of sustainability within the realm of Indian cinema. As was observed from the greening of Hollywood in the States, much of the attention to ‘go green’ comes directly from the stars. Celebs inspire fans to become more green, think Leonardo DiCaprio’s Prius, and  Suzy Amis’s Eco-Chic gown at the Oscars in L.A. In my research, nothing has been powerful as the attempt to bring this hype to the Indian film-going community than the effort made by New Delhi TV’s Greenathon.

Suzy Amis's Eco-Chic gown for the Oscars via

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Prius, via

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Prius, via

This campaign, sponsored in part by Toyota was kicked off in 2009 and repeated in March of 2010 to a tremendous success. One blogger noted that “The endeavor has been appreciated by people from all walks of life starting from scientist to film stars and common villagers.” May Indian stars and activists joined this 24-hour campaign to raise awareness for the environment.

Not only did Bollywood personalities perform in support of this event, they also volunteered their time in clean up, as well as fitness races that drove a large population of their fans to see green living as being hip. So, up there the wide-screen, dance-filled, cine-amazement of Bollywood, we now have Eco-Chic lifestyle principles.

Stars volunteer at the clean up for the Greenathon, image via

Bollywood stars clean up at the Greenathon, image via

In aiming to get a sense of fans reactions to the event, I visited an online chat community that discussed Madhuri Dixit performance that is showcased above. Most of the responses had to do with their love of the Bollywood star, one chat member, cecillbill mentions that: she “heard she couldn’t do an Indian TV show because the producers wouldn’t spring for a nanny for her sons. As a mother I respect her decision not to take the job when there isn’t a nanny for her kids. But, I wish she’d get heavily into projects and keep up appearances in the media too.”  But to date,  no one spoke about the star’s efforts to support the green movement. And aside from NDTV and Toyota’s public relations sites there was little mention of community members who were impacted by this 24 hour time of Greening Hindi Entertainment.

So I leave you with this question? What do you envision the future of the Greening of Bollywood to be like? Do you like the United States way of greening  Hollywood, and find it an effective model to export internationally? Is this the best way to put the green in fashion, lifestyle, and culture? What would you like to see as a development in this area of Eco-Chic Entertainment? As always, I look forward to hearing your comments.


2 thoughts on “The Greening of Bollywood

  1. I love this post. You have a great idea!!! I really have an issue when it comes to being eco-friendly and India. On our way to my parent’s home town from the Mumbai, I was horrified when my uncle threw a chicken bone he was done with out the window. That was their idea of throwing away trash. At 15, it was a difficult trip for me since their was no sense of proper disposal. I really do hope celebrities make more conscious efforts to be green and conserve. Indians love Bollywood and the cinematic lifestyles of the rich and famous. They will be quick to follow if their role model is leading a certain and attainable lifestyle. Though, above all, the education needs to be implemented in schools.

    • Interesting story CDI. Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed this story, and we’re in complete agreement that education is a huge key to unlocking the doors of potential for so many young minds.

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