It’s Time to Get on the Bike

Biking. It’s many eco-fashionista’s transportation method of choice.  Environmental benefits of bike commuting aside, being a cyclist allows independence from transit authority schedules and the option to have a little bit more fun at a party than you might otherwise have enjoyed. However, when you close your eyes and imagine yourself on a bike, what images appear in front of you? For me it has a lot to do with padding, tons of neon and that horrible, awful, hair-do-wrong helmet. So, how to become an Eco-Biking diva?

Designers are slowly getting on board with active wear that truly feels as though you can bend, stretch and do anything you should be able to do but in a more stylish way. Adidas has pioneered some great partnerships with Yohji Yamamoto and Stella McCartney that have given new mean to work out chic. However, to my knowledge neither of these sub-labels have made a practice out of using sustainable production methods to create their active wear. Therefore, for the time being, it’s up to us to define and design an Eco-Biking Diva that suits your need for speed and style.

Just use all the tips you heard in countless fitting rooms as a kid, let inspiration reign! Pillage that closet of yours, making sure that the reality of a LilLo no panties moment will never happen to you, and then look in the mirror, and take at least 2 things off. Next gear up! With the never-fading leggings and skinny jeans trend going on right now, you don’t have too much to worry about in the way of getting your pants caught in your bike wheels. Lots of these leggings are made from Tencel so they’re pretty darn eco-friendly.  It’s the time of year for light jackets too, so give those vintage or recycled numbers a new life, by taking them for a spin on the road.

A recent NY Times article discusses the importance of style when choosing your bike and gear, A Bike Shop for Women this is a fantastic solution to the problem that we already know, we need cute, and I would venture to say Eco-Friendly, clothes when we’re hitting the road. So, there is hope! It’s just like every other Eco-Fashionista problem, it’s easy to solve if we work on it together.

Let’s hope that HVC readers will enlighten us all about designers who are working to define what it looks like to be an Eco-Chic roadster. I can’t wait to see photos and hear comments of what your go-to Eco-Hip biking outfit is!


8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get on the Bike

  1. I try to wear comfy things, usually old, something I haven’t used for a while, and a little big. Love this idea about eco biking. Did anybody get a new bike?

  2. Here’s something cute and different, a company that sells bicycle helmets with separate helmet covers so that the helmet looks more like a hat.
    I’m not sure if the materials are eco-friendly, but maybe if it encourages more people to bike then that’s good too. Unfortunately they don’t sell them in the U.S., but here’s an opportunity for on-line shopping!

    • WOW! This is fantastic. I will contact them to see what they do in the way of sustainable production, and I love your tie-in to online shopping! Thanks again Grace 🙂

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