Spring Showers Bring Beige Flowers

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My wish for you today, dear reader, is that spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. With the cascading changes of seasons around the world I imagine that there is quite a variety of those who have and have not seen the first crocuses of the season. But I’m writing from a spot where lilacs, and daffodils have been in full swing for months and I’m happy to report that somewhere, out there is hope that you will soon see your first splash of color.

Alongside the parade of pastels that usher in the spring season, are the staple of spring fashion, the trench coats. As a child,  I remember my grandmother’s shin-length Burberry as the first sign that we would be taking lunches at Armani outside. This break from warming ourselves and full bags by a fireside cafe meant winter was long gone. So, funny enough, spring always looked two-toned to me, with an equal balance of beige and loud colors.

Always spot-on-trend Bill Cunningham shared my iconic memory of the change of seasons, in his delightful pictorial portrayal of New York City’s parade of trench coats. His take on the trench this season was an assertion that it could be re-invented, via color or detailing, to take on a more personalized welcoming of April showers. To me, this is the greatest way to bring into mainstream fashion the idea of making the old new. Similar to my last post, on the potential for bringing old clothes a second life, we’re seeing the trench be re-invented to suit a woman’s need for personalization and change with her fashion. I selected a couple of images of this ilk that you Eco-Fashionistas will be proud to wear, the crown jewel is  Gary Harvey’s Mac Dress, made of 18 re-used trench coats that is a fantastic nod to the Burberry’s of days of old.

All this to say, have fun with fashion this spring, and beyond, and remember you can still be on-trend, and mindful of the environment when you too welcome in your first bout of spring showers!


3 thoughts on “Spring Showers Bring Beige Flowers

  1. Again a most interesting article . Gary Harvey ‘s re-tooled clothes are great ! Keep informing us about clothes and such.

  2. I think I still have my old trench coat. Got it in England, in fact. It’s been with me all over the world, including on my second honeymoon. Wearing it I always had the delusion that I was cool and dangerous, in a Bond-James-Bond kind of way. As I said, “delusion.”

  3. ‘ ‘ ‘ Can’t go wrong with the basic trench and it’s fun to have an alternate such as my old black & white check raincoat with red lining. Always loved walking and sloshing around “a la Singing in the Rain”. .. laa laaa la la
    Thank you for the spring wishes and eco-fashion updates. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘

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