Nature’s Fashion Week

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Ah the beauty of spring. Not only do we get the joy of fashion week that heralds in the hard earned season of spring around the world, but we also have local parades of color in the form of all the natural beauty that welcomes us to the delights of this time of year. While most fashion blogs (including my personal favorite) will show spring fashions on the street, I wanted to spotlight some of the amazing colors of the season that I found in nature. 

While Bill Cunningham did a lovely job reporting on the floral-influenced spirit of Easter, this post was inspired by  a recent Ecopsychology workshop I attended, where each participant was asked to pick a natural  object out of a basket that they wanted to identify with. My new friend Elle, chose a beautiful black and brown stripped feather. She proceeded to describe (as she flipped it over) that she was drawn to it because it looked like a beautiful fur dress. This delighted me to no end, and made me recall the many ways that nature has her own fashion show. So  sit back, take a peek with the eye of a eco-fashionista and PLEASE share photos/inspiration of your own natural verte coutre.


One thought on “Nature’s Fashion Week

  1. It’s so nice at this time of year when colors come into being…. no more grays, not that grays are bad. They have their place, but not in Spring.

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